Fox vs Cop will challenge today's top real-world police investigators to solve yesterday's "perfect" crimes. The 360VR app will immerse users as both Cops and cunning criminal Foxes...

Top cop and bestselling author Jim Born hosts Fox vs Cop  and Officer Involved.

SOLD to a rent-to-own buyer through Score Your Dream Home

Officer Involved takes the viewer inside a police shooting and its investigation to show the three sides of every "officer involved" fatality - the officer's side, the suspect's side, and the truth...



Score Your Dream Home: LAZ Development Co. partners with PTC Financial to buy and build single family homes for credit-impaired buyers.   They rent to own while we help them raise their credit scores to qualify for affordable FHA mortgages. Our successful proof-of-concept test in Port St. Lucie, Florida was completed in 2018.

How to Score Your Dream Home: The higher your crdit score, the more home you can buy for the same monthly payment

In 2020 we will test a  Global Gentry Online Real Estate Investment Site for foreign citizens who regard U.S. property as the gold standard in safe harbors. It will enable middle class Investors to put as little as $5000 in Single Family Homes occupied by stable rent-to-own tenants, to follow the same strategy that wealthy investors use when they buy high-priced properties in South Florida. 




Global Gentry offers foreign buyers US property as an affordable safe-harbor  investment

The World's Safest Harbor

US property is the gold standard for foreign flight capital, and Global Gentry makes it affordable




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