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Chris Fox Gilson made his career in media revolutions.

     “Thoughts about how changing technology and media

change the people who use them always lurk in the back of my mind.”

     “When I discovered the great museums like Musee D’Orsay in Paris, Uffizi in Florence, and Hermitage in St. Petersburg, it struck me how familiar the Masters' protagonists appeared as they absorbed the shocks the Enlightenment and Renaissance brought to their Medieval lives.











      "I wondered how their subjects would respond to our 21st Century media and technology that seduce us with similar promises of connection but can become tools for power and profit."

      "Sometimes they seem poised like Renoir’s 'Bathers' to have it placed right into their hands.  So that's what I did in this series.  Then I backlit each piece with continuous light to mimic the impact the Masters' vibrant new color palettes must have had on audiences of their day." 


SELFIES POND imagines the Bathers of Renoir’s masterpiece capturing a fleeting moment of self-discovery that might beg for another.


BOCACCIO’S PODCAST recasts the storyteller in the original Waterhouse to a podcaster who charms his audience, except for one young woman who opts out for reasons of her own.

2023-09-19_BOCACCIOS small size.jpg

CHRISTINA’S WORLD OF PRIME enables Andrew Wyeth’s physically challenged protagonist to create her own little world in a bleak landscape through the miracle of Amazon’s instant gratification.


SALON BAND rocks Julius Schmid’s 1896 Viennese musicians featuring Franz Schubert at the piano with Garage Band software, electric guitar, oddly-coiffed drummer, and a tambourine for a favorite groupie. 


THE GARDEN OF METAVERSE imagines the Serpent corrupting the innocent in Meta’s digital walled garden with Extended Reality. Based on Goltzius’ “The Fall of Man.”  

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THE INFLUENCER turns J. W. Waterhouse’s classic “Oracle” into a teenaged fashion influencer on TikTok who devastates members of her audience with her rigid rules, ("Yellow is so over.)


AMERICAN OCULUS anoints the grim Depression-era farmer of Grant Wood’s classic with a Virtual Reality headset to see a 3D world finally under his control, while his wife looks on.


DALI’S SECRET SAUCE catches him using the generative AI platform DALL-E to create his best-known work with the prompt, "In the style of a master painter on LSD, paint a landscape with floppy clocks in weird positions."

NOTE: Boticelli's Podcast has been accepted into the SPOTIFY CORPORATE STUDIO, Los Angeles.


WHISTLER’S MOTHER’S JITTERBUG  appropriates a sleeve from his self-portrait, so he can give his mother the peace of mind of the smart phone made for seniors.  

WhistlersMothersJitterbug--ROUGH102. .jpg

I never intended to be an artist. 

           It just happened...

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