Modesty should forbid, but I've succeeded at innovating in the media space many times. 

    Now I'm developing a new kind of enhanced digital book for the emerging superserve"greedy readers" of genre fiction who like to explore subjects online via multimedia links.



     The first genre-fiction series of Extended Reality Books (xrBooks) will hit test markets in 3Q2022. 

     The format will include pictures, video, audio, links to both faux and real articles and sites about the fictional characters and events, and extended reality videos to fully immerse online readers in the world of the story. 

       Each book series will also become the underlying material for developing a streaming series to feed the industry's voracious new appetite for content. The first series title is Regressor, a story about deception that becomes dangerously real.

     Rogue psychotherapist Dr. Erik Jansson makes a fortune convincing wealthy patients that they've lived before as men and women of destiny. 

      But he discovers a real portal to the past when patient Sildy Madgique recalls serving as a Women's Army Service Pilot (WASP) in 1944, shooting down a German jet warplane over Florida, and meeting Jansson in his former life as a G-Man who's onto a plot by American traitors to kill President Roosevelt.           

      When they travel to Germany to follow her story, they're stalked by agents of a powerful family that won't let them leave alive - the first in a series of patients' real past-life memories that put the faux past life Regressor in present-world danger.

Chris Fox Gilson discusses campaign strategy with President Barack Obama , 2012.


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Chris Fox Gilson /  Creative Director




     Like those clever little pigs trained to find truffles, a unique skill set led me to re-imagine eBooks as a virtual platform to entertain the Metaverse. 

     Working in media and with publishers like Random House, Putnam, and Viking-Penguin, I've been fortunate to spend my career learning to use design, writing, marketing, film, and virtual reality to communicate with mass audiences one-on-one.  Those skills enabled me to create finished  xrBooks to test with selected readers.



     In 2018, I launched Virtual Fox Productions, LLC. to create mixed-reality content that could entertain, inform, and persuade as the ultimate one-on-one storytelling tool. Now I'm applying it to the vBook concept's development.


Chris Fox Gilson discusses campaign strategy with President Barack Obama , 2012.

       Over many years I've mastered the art and science of inventing desire for new products and media innovations...

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