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    Modesty should forbid, but I've successfully introduced many new products in the media space for fun and profit.  

    Now my partners and I are developing an "eBook 2.0" digital format to fully immerse 21st Century readers of genre fiction in the world of a compelling story.  




      The XRBook format enriches the traditional eBook's scrolling text with art, video, audio, links to fictional articles and websites about the characters and events and their real historical context.  Plus optional extended-reality content to experience with a branded XRViewer. 

      Each XRBook series will also be designed to serve as underlying material for film and streaming series rights.

   In the first XRBook series REGRESSOR.... 

      Psychologist Erik Jansson, PhD, practices hypnotic Past Life Regression Therapy (PLRT) to cure his patients' ills when other methods have failed.

      In the first book, Flight of the WASP, Dr. Jansson's patient Sildy Molina reveals her former life as a WW2 Women's Army Service Pilot (WASP) who shot down a German jet warplane over Florida in 1944, only to see the event covered up by the U.S. Government.

       She also encountered Dr. Jansson in his former life as an FBI man onto a plot by American traitors in high places to kill President Roosevelt and rule postwar Germany. 

        Now their heirs conspire to plunge the world into a global depression. When Erik and Sildy go to Berlin to verify her story, they're stalked by agents of a powerful banking family who won't let them leave Germany alive...

      Throughout the series, Jansson's patients' memories  keep the past life REGRESSOR in present-world danger.

Chris Fox Gilson discusses campaign strategy with President Barack Obama , 2012.

Chris Fox Gilson, Author & Creative Director

Extended Reality Books (XRBooks)


“Chris Gilson, One Of Our '100 Best & Brightest

Young Advertising People' Is A Go-To Strategist

For New Products And Media…”

Advertising Age

XRBooks Series #1 /  Book# I
REGRESSOR: The Flight of the WASP

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      Download this pdf file and use the introduction to try the Sidebar features. 




       Immerse yourself in the multi-media sidebars that give greedy, curious readers a deeper understanding of the people, places, and stakes of the story, while letting speedy readers whip on by.

       If the concept appeals to you, you might ask yourself...


       Like those clever little pigs trained to find truffles, an acquired skill set led me to re-imagine eBooks as a more  sensory experience for the 21st Century reader. 

     I've worked in all persuasive media during my advertising, commercial production, and filmmaking career, while publishing a range of titles in different categories with Random House, Putnam, Penguin, and Warner.

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